Body Count, back to the past

In the middle of the 90’s, Body Count was played everywhere. I remember to have heard « Born Dead » in various clubs (they also used to play RATM!!!!). And I was a real fan, to be accurate I loved the two first records (and at this time it was CDs) (“body […]


Sixx: AM – Modern vintage. Essential!

SIXX:AM new album is available from a couple of days, don’t hesitate buy it! Like the previous ones this is a great album. But you should know that there is here a real evolution: less « hard », more fantasy but still so melodic. The core of the record is also made […]


« In Flames » has changed everything and it changes everything

I am not (wasn’t?) a fan of In Flames, even if I like some songs (especially in the previous album « Playground fading ») I always thought that it was too « Death/trash » for me and that there was not enough melody in the music and especially in the vocals of mister Friden (I […]


Flying Colors – Mask Machine, check out this high level prog rock pop

Flying colors is a supergroup made of masters of the progressive Rock (and a -big – pinch of pop) including Mike Portnoy former drummer of Dream theater and others supergroups. Here you have a first song from the forthcoming second album. I share it because, sure, I like it but […]


« Can’t break me down », the first single from Billy Idol’s forthcoming album…

“Can’t break me down”, a song from Billy Idol’s forthcoming album « Kings and Queen of the underground » is already online. It seems that Billy misses his punk years (70s). Indeed, there is a flavor of “Generation X” in this track. But Billy, who invented in the 80’s a kind of pop […]


Get lucky (Daft Punk). A cool cover…

You probably know « Get Lucky » by Daft Punk. Here you have a cover of Halestorm. It is not a masterpiece but I should admit that they made something really different and punchy. It is extracted from the cover album reanimate published in 2013. The others songs are not bad but […]


Nothing More: A [metal] band that will not remain just a band!

You shoud listen to Nothing More and especially this song! It is extracted from the last album but the previous ones are also very good!  


En ce moment dans mes oreilles Blues Pills

  An amazing voice, a fantastic guitarist and a very creative music. You should know Blues Pills and its flavor of the seventies.