Can AI disrupt music consumption?

The recent buzz around Suno, the #AI that generates entire songs, has sparked a fascinating debate. Journalists and influencers showcase its impressive capabilities, leading many to question its impact on artists and the music industry.

While some remain optimistic, highlighting the attachment to the artist and live experiences, we can’t ignore the potential for generational shifts. Those raised amidst rock stars and other pop celebrities may value artist connections more than those discovering music in this AI age.

Remember the CD? The physical format seemed irreplaceable. 15-20 years ago, many told me that people wanted the connection with the object, the pleasure of discovering music while reading the lyrics in the booklet. Now, streaming reigns supreme. Habits and preferences evolve. New generations might prioritize perfectly tailored music experiences delivered by AI over artist connections.

The communal energy of a concert might not resonate as strongly for those who haven’t experienced live music. In addition, technology is poised to deliver innovative entertainment experiences. Take KISS, for example, embracing holograms for the band’s future. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine AI-powered shows that adapt and react in real-time to the audience’s mood, creating a truly personalized and dynamic experience.

The Future of Music: Disruption and Challenge

I’m not a clairvoyant, so I won’t try to predict the future of the music business. But I believe that AI, like the internet before it, will disrupt how we experience music. Musicians may argue AI can’t replace them because they infuse a touch, emotion, creativity, and intelligence into their art, which a machine can’t perfectly imitate. Even if a trained ear can indeed notice the difference, I dare say that for many listeners, it’s already « good enough. »

Highly produced recordings with heavily processed vocals and instruments already blur the lines between « real » and AI-generated music. Suno represents the beginning, not the end. It could push boundaries and maybe, one day, AI will have the capability to pioneer entirely new musical styles.

The challenge for artists is to stay ahead of the curve and explore uncharted creative territory.

What I have done in 1 minute with Suno:

A rock song

A modern blues song

A blues song

For consistency, the illustration was generated by AI, and I wrote this note with its assistance.