I am not (wasn’t?) a fan of In Flames, even if I like some songs (especially in the previous album « Playground fading ») I always thought that it was too « Death/trash » for me and that there was not enough melody in the music and especially in the vocals of mister Friden (I do not like « Death music’s » growls).

But I should admit that their last album is just fantastic, the mutation toward a melodic modern metal is a real success. And now nobody can doubt that Mister Friden is a singer.
I am not sure that the fan base will love this album and as a consequence that this is a really a new direction for the group (it could be a « one shot » experience) even if « Playground Fading » contains songs that announced this evolution (listen to « Liberation » with its pop chorus).

Below « Through Oblivion » very representative of the new In Flame.

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