In the middle of the 90’s, Body Count was played everywhere. I remember to have heard « Born Dead » in various clubs (they also used to play RATM!!!!). And I was a real fan, to be accurate I loved the two first records (and at this time it was CDs) (“body Count” and “born Dead”). After I have totally missed what they did, but apparently it is not a shame.

By chance, I found out their new massive weapon. And I was immediately thrown 20 years ago. The band has evolved (excepted Ice T, Ernie-c, the former members have left the group or have passed away) but the music has the same flavor. We can say that « Manslaughter » could be the successor of « Born Dead ». Same rage, same (kind of) lyrics, and same sound (especially the guitars).

Just push play, “talk shit, get shot” explodes and you understand, there are (really) back and this is gonna hurt!

Song after song it is the « Body count » you have known in the 90’s. So If you are a fan relish, if you don’t know them just enjoy (metal) rap (and roll) with balls, played by real musicians!

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